RWA, Fun Stuff, Blogging & A Contest Winner!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I said I was going to update the blog more often and here it’s been a whole week already. What’s up with that?

*Sigh* A few things.

First, I had to send my computer in for service. Sticky key thing. The loaner laptop I was using was fine, but the screen would randomly short out now and then – which was very irritating. Then to top that off, I’ve been working like a fiend trying to finish my paranormal RS before I dive into my revisions on my first two contracted books with Dorchester. Which has actually worked out good because I’ve been mulling over just how I’m going to tackle those revisions. While neither book requires big revisions, you know how it works. Change one thing here, it changes another thing there…

So here I am, a week later. 😉

In other news, tonight was my RWA meeting. We had such a great time. Multi-published author Jenna Bayley-Burke spoke about writing to deadline, which was very timely for me. Jenna is a hoot, and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. Also got some fun stuff from her including the following:

The How Romantic Are You? Quiz

(Apparently, I rank right in the middle of the romantic scale. According to the quiz, I know where to draw the line between emotions and good judgement and I can also be romantic enough when needed. Good to know.)


The Color Sex Test

(This one is a lot of fun. I came home and quizzed the DH. He pointed out that everything in our house is red, btw (and I’m the decorator), and that I wear a lot of red – even my new computer bag is red! Not sure how that equates…)

And finally…I know I promised a contest winner to be chosen on St. Patty’s day in my tagline contest and I’m late in posting. BIG apologies…I got busy writing yesterday and forgot to post the winner. (Happy Belated St. Patty’s Day, BTW!!).

So without further adieu…the winner of Alice Sharpe’s March Harlequin Intrigue Release, Avenging Angel, is…

Maureen McGowan!!!!!

Maureen, please email me your snail mail addy at emcamp99 at yahoo dot com and I’ll get your book in the mail. Avenging Angel is a great book, and Alice is a fabulous author (and dear friend of mine). I know you’ll love it.

Tomorrow I’m blogging over at my chapter blog. Stop by and say hello. I still haven’t a single clue what I’m going to blog about. 😉

And in closing…a question. Inquiring minds (me!) want to know. Go take the color sex test and tell me…which color are you???