I have deadlines!!

Okay, that shouldn’t make me so happy, but it does. 😉 Between getting the Call, accepting the contract and now, I’ve been in a place called limbo. It’s not a fun place to be…waiting for this, waiting for that. I know waiting is the name of the game in the publishing industry, but I’ve never been good at it.

My deadlines are all pretty far off. Book One – which only needs a few minor edits – is officially due July 1. Book Two – which needs a handful of revisions – is officially due August 15. And book Three – which isn’t written yet – is due October 15th.

Obviously, most of my time will be spent on Book Three, and I’m confident I’ll have plenty of time to get that one done. I’m hoping to have Books One and Two wrapped up in the next month so I can technically call them done and move on. With deadlines like this though, I could easily see how writers could get themselves into trouble if they weren’t goal oriented. Luckily, that’s not my problem.

My release dates still aren’t set but it’s looking like they’ll be sometime late Spring ’09.

And the only other news I have at this point is that I’m searching for titles. Book One – Make Me Believe – needs a new title, something more in line with the suspense/adventure/danger angle. So if anyone has any great suggestions, I’m taking them. The book was reported to Publishers Marketplace as:

Elisabeth Naughton’s MAKE ME BELIEVE, in the tradition of Romancing The Stone, while racing against the clock, between the flying bullets, blackmail, and murder, a spitfire archaeologist and her thief partner search for three legendary (and priceless) artifacts…

If you’re a whizz with titles, leave me a suggestion in the comment section or email me at emcamp99 at yahoo dot com.