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New "Do"

The new “do” wasn’t exactly by choice. My hair has been falling out as a side effect from the STSS I had this summer. My doctor assures me I’m not going bald, but apparently that kind of stress on the body isn’t good for hair. (Who knew?) So…bye bye long locks. Since my hair was thinning in sections (esp. underneath) I decided to go with a short bob.

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Little Things


I’ve come up for air. Sorry to be so slack, but I’ve been in major revision mode. The good news? I am DONE with the revisions on STOLEN FURY and STOLEN HEAT. And the even better news? Going back through both of these books, I have totally fallen in love with the hero and heroine for STOLEN SEDUCTION (they’re secondary characters in the first two books). Of course, I already liked them before (obviously), but now I can’t wait to get seriously cooking on this book instead of dallying while I work on the others.

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Call Me Marilyn

Or Pamela. Or bleach-blond Playboy bunny (minus the really big boobs) straight out of Nickelback’sRockstar”. Because that’s me right now. Platinum blond. I’d post a picture but…yeah. Not gonna happen.

I went to get my hair done on Friday and my hairdresser and I had a communication breakdown. My normal hair color is an ash blond/light brown. (The pic at the left is pretty much me minus the highlights) Actually, I think it’s getting darker as I get older (I was golden blond up until my 20’s), but I’ve been highlighting it so long, who can tell? … Read more »