Little Things


I’ve come up for air. Sorry to be so slack, but I’ve been in major revision mode. The good news? I am DONE with the revisions on STOLEN FURY and STOLEN HEAT. And the even better news? Going back through both of these books, I have totally fallen in love with the hero and heroine for STOLEN SEDUCTION (they’re secondary characters in the first two books). Of course, I already liked them before (obviously), but now I can’t wait to get seriously cooking on this book instead of dallying while I work on the others.

In other news…lots of fun (very minor) news to share. I love my editor (have I said that before????). Seriously. I have never met a woman who is so on top of things. I have a question, she gets right back to me. I have a problem and email to ask a good time to call her, my phone rings two minutes later. She’s kept me involved in cover art and titles and cover copy and asks my opinion about things I thought I’d have no say in. I am just totally tickled with the staff at Dorchester. Can’t say enough good things about them. And I’m really looking forward to meeting my editor and others face-to-face in San Fran.

So the little things to gush about…I have an ISBN! I know, silly really. But for some reason that excited me. I also have a new “official” release date for STOLEN FURY – December 30, 2008. EGAD!!!! That seems so sooon!!! There’s so much to do promotion-wise between now and then. Thank God I have PR pro Lisa on my side to help me out. I also just got my PAN membership approved through RWA this morning, which is such a minor thing, really, but another mini-milestone that made me smile.

In other non-writing news…my half marathon (ack!!!) is scheduled for June 14th. Now THAT seems soon, doesn’t it? Last Friday my running partner and I ran 10 miles (my longest run to date) in sweltering heat. We were having a mini-bakefest going on here in Oregon last weekend. The high that day was 102. When we left on our run it was 76 degrees. When we got back it was 88. Stupid me got sunburned, but thankfully now I’m just tan. I won’t tell you our time though because it was awful…the heat really kicked my tushie. Interestingly enough, the past few days we haven’t even reached 60 degrees. Go figure. And today I only have a short run (3 miles). (Can you see me rolling my eyes???)

Oh, and to answer questions from my Marilyn post below…snicker…yes, I did get my hair fixed, though it’s still a little more blond than normal. But definitely better. When I went into the shop, my hair dresser said, “Why would you want to change it? You look so good super blond!” Obviously, the woman is color-blind!!!!!

So what’s new with you? Share. I feel like I’ve been on Mars the past few weeks.

PS…I’m blogging today at the Mid-Willamette Valley Blog. No clue on what though. Better go figure that out…