A Day of New Stuff

So remember I was talking about my laptop keyboard yesterday and the whole “sticky crumb” thing? Yeah. Well. It got me.

Yesterday one sticky ‘e’ key turned into a ‘you lose your computer for at least two weeks’ thing. Turns out it wasn’t something stuck underneath the key (wahoo for cake!), but that the key itself is damaged (or the stuff underneath the key…I’m not sure what you call that little rubbery thing the key is attached to. It’s just too technical for me). Solution, of course, is that it has to be repaired. And because my laptop is still under warranty with Best Buy and they don’t do in-store service, they have to send it out. Hence the whole – you lose your computer for at least two weeks thing. Lovely, huh? Of course, this time I got smart. I backed everything up, emailed myself my books and made copies of EVERYTHING (not risking losing it all like I did last spring). Then I begged and pleaded and told the guy at the store I was on deadline and needed a laptop. They ended up giving me an open box that someone had returned. It runs Word, it has wireless Internet. It’s got everything I need for the next (hopefully only) two weeks. The only drawback? It’s LOUD. I had to install my word program and the dang CD drive is L-O-U-D. But at least it works. I’m not complaining.

Other “new stuff” includes the new blog design. Okay, it’s the same design, I just updated the pic at the top and overall color scheme. What do you think? Personally, I love it. Gives the blog that whole romantic adventure flavor I’m going with in the books. But I’m interested to know what you think.

And finally – I have to share – I got a new laptop bag today while I was out and about. I found one at BB that I wanted – red Liz Claiborne computer bag. Didn’t look like a computer bag at all. Really trendy and chic. But I was afraid my widescreen laptop (when it comes back) might not fit, so I opted not to get it (and frowned the whole time I was putting it back on the shelf). Then, when I stopped at Target to pick up a few things, I saw the SAME bag (different designer) for forty bucks less. AND this one will work with my widescreen laptop. So that’s my “3-book sale gift” for myself. A new bag. I’m easy to please.

What’s new with you?