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A Day of New Stuff

So remember I was talking about my laptop keyboard yesterday and the whole “sticky crumb” thing? Yeah. Well. It got me.

Yesterday one sticky ‘e’ key turned into a ‘you lose your computer for at least two weeks’ thing. Turns out it wasn’t something stuck underneath the key (wahoo for cake!), but that the key itself is damaged (or the stuff underneath the key…I’m not sure what you call that little rubbery thing the key is attached to. It’s just too technical for me). Solution, of course, is that it has to be repaired. And because my laptop is … Read more »

ACK! Grumble, Grumble, Bitch & Moan

Yes. This is me. I’m here. It’s been ages.

Have I been off on vacation enjoying the sun and fun? No. Have I been writing like a fiend, ignoring email and blogs and real life? Um, I wish, but no. Have I been pulling my eyebrows out one by one because I’m so frustrated I can barely see straight? Well, actually, yeah, that’s a little more like it.

It always amazes me how tied to technology we are. And when that technology goes loco, there goes your sanity.

My computer decided to wig out on me. My computer which … Read more »