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Beaver Nation Is Back in Black!!! (And Word Count Update)

It’s that time of year again! Beaver football kicks off tonight. We’re ditching the kids and going to the game with friends. I’m looking forward to getting away for the evening.

Of course, that means I have to get my 1000 words in before we go.

And that, of course, leads me to my word count update. Yesterday I hurt my back picking up Gremlin #3 and ended up spending most of the day on the couch. Bad for my back. Good for the writing. I wrote 6168 words!!!! It would be better if all those words had gone into … Read more »


(In a good way.)

Beavs win!! Beavs win!! Beavs win!!!

(You just KNEW this was coming, didn’t you?)

The OSU defending NCAA National Baseball Champs are – as of tonight – back in the finals of the College World Series after defeating UC Irvine 7-1. First game in the championship series is Saturday night.

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