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Busy Day

First item of importance – my cover flats for STOLEN FURY arrived yesterday from my publisher. And, um, can I just say…I’m in TOTAL FRICKIN‘ LOVE with this cover!!!!! I know I saw it in .jpg form already, but the real deal is sweet! The title’s embossed, my name is embossed (and looks huge!) and the back and spine are just gorgeous. (I don’t know why the spine excites me so much…maybe because it just looks so…real!!!) I’ve already gushed to my agent, my editor and my CPs. I know they’re probably sick of hearing about this … Read more »

Soooooo *There*

I’ve posted this before. Elisabeth’s Manuscript Stages. Ironically, it’s still the same today as it was nearly two years ago. Right now I’m in the middle of state two – give or take a few chapters – where my hero is sooooo completely irritating, I’m considering dropping him and letting the heroine have her HEA with someone else. I realized I was in trouble last week when my hero and heroine were in a car that goes off into a slough in the Everglades. The heroine (bless her soul) swims toward shore, but something brushes past the hero’s leg. … Read more »

Good Things

Whew! Finally two minutes of peace. Is anyone else ready to send their kids back to school?

I know I promised to blog about my vacation yesterday, but my editor sent my line edits for STOLEN FURY and I spent all day yesterday working through them. I’m happy to say they’re done and gone this morning, which is a nice thing to have off my plate. Either I’ve grown a thick skin, or I’ve learned to step back from my work and look at things objectively. Honestly, even six months ago I used to cringe when I’d open crits from … Read more »

I Did It!!!

I finished my first half-marathon this morning. The Helvetia Half Marathon is 13.1 miles through the beautiful countryside of Hillsboro, Oregon. Translation? Lots and lots of hills. I’d been training for flat, so the hills were killer, but I finished in 2hrs, 14-15 minutes (not sure on exact time as I didn’t look at the clock as I crossed the finish line, but that’s a pretty close estimate). I’m pretty happy, my goal was to finish at 2:20 – without knowing about the hills – and I beat that. 🙂 I feel pretty good right now, but I’m sure … Read more »

I Have A Cover!!!!!!!!!!
I’m so excited to share this. My editor sent it to me this morning.
My very first cover:

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Little Things


I’ve come up for air. Sorry to be so slack, but I’ve been in major revision mode. The good news? I am DONE with the revisions on STOLEN FURY and STOLEN HEAT. And the even better news? Going back through both of these books, I have totally fallen in love with the hero and heroine for STOLEN SEDUCTION (they’re secondary characters in the first two books). Of course, I already liked them before (obviously), but now I can’t wait to get seriously cooking on this book instead of dallying while I work on the others.

In other news…lots of … Read more »

Call Me Marilyn

Or Pamela. Or bleach-blond Playboy bunny (minus the really big boobs) straight out of Nickelback’sRockstar”. Because that’s me right now. Platinum blond. I’d post a picture but…yeah. Not gonna happen.

I went to get my hair done on Friday and my hairdresser and I had a communication breakdown. My normal hair color is an ash blond/light brown. (The pic at the left is pretty much me minus the highlights) Actually, I think it’s getting darker as I get older (I was golden blond up until my 20’s), but I’ve been highlighting it so long, who can tell? … Read more »

STOLEN FURY cover copy

In case you missed it Saturday when I guest blogged at The Bradford Bunch, I’m reposting the cover copy for STOLEN FURY which I received from my editor last week.


Oh, is he handsome. And charming. And sexy as all get out. Dr. Lisa Maxwell isn’t the type to go home with a guy she barely knows. But, hey, this is Italy and the red-blooded Rafe Sullivan seems much more enticing than cataloging a bunch of dusty artifacts.

After being fully seduced, Lisa wakes to an empty bed and, worse yet, an empty safe. She’s staked her career Read more »

Eeek!! (And Six Things)

My editor sent me the cover art for Stolen Fury. OMG. It’s GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, I can’t share yet – copyright laws and all that – but as soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll be throwing it out for the world to see. My DH looked at it and said, “Whoa. That’s hot!” I think he was shocked even though I’d told him exactly what they were going to do with the cover. LOL

In other news…Paty tagged me (grumble, grumble). Paty, I’m only playing along because it’s you, dear.

Okay…six random things about me…… Read more »

Announcement Time!!

I just got confirmation that my books have definite titles!!! (I’m a little giddy!)

The titles are:

Stolen Fury – Release date: January 2009
Stolen Heat – Release date: Summer 2009
Stolen Seduction – Release date: TBD

Oh, my gosh. I couldn’t be happier! Stolen Fury was actually my suggestion (along with the whole stolen theme) but the staff at Dorchester came up with the others and I just absolutely LOVE them.

In addition to that, my editor told me she just saw the cover sketch for Stolen Fury and she said it’s beautiful. It has (as she put it) … Read more »